Michigan Owes Me $6 Million


Note: The following account of my adventures at the Michigan Department of Social Services in the 1970s was written in 2003.


My career peaked in 1977, when I was 35. I was working in Lansing, in the central office of the state Department of Social Services (re-named in the 90’s to “Family Independence Agency” by Republican Governor John Engler, who probably didn’t like the word “social”). I was supervisor of the Systems Analysis Section in the Bureau of Assistance Payments. I supervised 4 people. We were the liaison between the Bureau of Information Systems (BuMIS) and the folks in charge of policy in our Bureau. We wrote system requests, researched system problems, and wrote procedures for the workers in the county offices.


A letter I wrote in June 1976 contains a summary of my career at Social Services.

Diversion of Income to Legal Dependents

The Lois Matheson Affair

$6 Million

System Development


After Social Services