Scenic Photos



These photos were all taken along Michigan's west coast. If

 you would like a high definition copy of any of them, call me

 at (517) 505-2696  or email me at steve_harry@yahoo.com.
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1.From the beach at Sleeping Bear Dunes

2.Sleeping Bear Dunes bluff, looking south

3.Sleeping Bear Dunes

4.Sleeping Bear Dunes

5.Sleeping Bear Dunes

6.Sleeping Bear Dunes

7.Sleeping Bear Dunes

8.Sleeping Bear Dunes

9.Nordhouse Dunes (north of Ludington State Park)

10.Sleeping Bear Dunes

11.Sleeping Bear Dunes bluff, looking south

12.Sleeping Bear Dunes bluff

13&14.Beach north of Ludington