Letters to Eleanore Rice in the 1930s




Eleanore Rice Harry died in August 2014 at age 98. Among the treasures she kept (she was very good at getting rid of stuff nobody else was interested in) was a stack of letters, still in their envelopes. Most are from the 1930's. Most are from future husband Pete Harry when he was away at Michigan State College (now MSU), or when he was home and she was staying sister Alice Gabriel in Illinois. Two are from Vern "Duck" Hintz, two others are from what looks like "Ev," and one is from Mike. Too bad we don't know what she was writing to them.


For dates, I used the postmark date on the envelope. These are PDF files, so you will need Acrobat Reader.

December 8, 1934 from Ev

December 20, 1934 from Ev

February 12, 1935 from Vern Hintz

December 4, 1935 from Mike

January 13, 1936 from Pete

January 16, 1936 from Pete

January 20, 1936 from Pete

January 23, 1936 from Pete

January 27, 1936 from Pete

January 30, 1936 from Vern Hintz

January 31, 1936 from Pete

February 3, 1936 from Pete

February 4, 1936 from Pete

February 12, 1936 from Pete

February 15, 1936 from Pete

February 19, 1936 from Pete

March 21, 1936 from Virginia Marshall

June 6, 1936 from Pete

June 8, 1936 from Pete

June 10, 1936 from Pete

June 13, 1936 from Pete

June 15, 1936 from Pete

June 17, 1936 from Pete

June 19, 1936 from Pete

June 20, 1936 from Pete

June 25, 1936 from Pete

June 29, 1936 from Pete

October 30, 1938 from Virginia Marshall

January 6, 1945 from Ashley*

June 14, 1977 from Fred Norlin

Undated from Virginia


*Lois Hess on November 13, 2015: Ashley was in Europe and was at the Battle of the Bulge earlier working on equipment....keeping vehicles running. He was in the Maintenance Battalion of the 9th Armored Division which he joined as a major and became a Lt. Colonel. He enlisted in the army in 1942 and was discharged Dec. 1945. He received the Bronze Star, Oak Leaf Cluster, Legion of Merit and the French Medal The Croix de Guerre for outstanding service.