Silver Buck

Family Photos


The Silver Buck was a collapsible deer hunting cabin designed and built by Pete Harry and friends in the 1950s (?). The cabin was built with wood cut on the Compton farm, now owned by Laura and Rich Barden. It was about 15 feet square. It had 4 wall sections, 2 gable ends and one center rafter. The roof was in 2 sections and it had 2 floor sections.  It had gas lights and a fuel oil stove was buried under the floor for heat. All of the sections were bolted together on site.  Pete used to haul it on his farm truck, but later built a trailer for it. The cabin could be put up by 4 men and it was built to sleep 8. Four double beds were bunked on one wall and you shared with your partner. It got very noisy at night and you did not want to be the last to go to sleep. There was no shower, only a wash basin labeled "Butts only".

It all came to an end in ????, when Cal Wheeler was killed in the woods by a stray bullet. The cabin was left set up on private land and it was taken down and brought home in pretty rough shape. (History provided by Walter Harry, 3/4/2013)

Over the ? years the cabin was used, it had quite a few inhabitants.  At the bottom of this page, I've listed the ones I recognize.

These photos are from Pete and Eleanore Harry's slide collection. If you know of any others, let me know and I will add them.


Pete Harry

Jim Marshall

Henry "Hank" Compton

J.O. Compton (Hank's father)

Jens "Chris" Torp

Emerson "Slim" Warden

O.C. Morey (Rita Warden's father, Emerson's father-in-law)

Calvin Wheeler

Jack Wheeler

Rodney Wilkinson (participated in the trial set-up only?)

Variell Wilkinson

Roy Lyman

Irwin Bennett

Clarence Brooks

Glen Norcross

"Gabe" Gabriel