Trip to New York and Washington DC
May 13, 2013

This trip probably took place in my senior year of high school. It is hard for me to remember, let alone believe, that I ever held an office in the Methodist Youth Fellowship Council, but that is what this article says:

I don't even remember how the group traveled to New York, but we arrived right at the start of a big snow storm. There must have been 2 feet of snow before it was done:

I do remember that we toured Rockefeller Center and as we were wandering around the halls in our winter coats and galoshes, a guy came out of an office and asked who we were and what we were doing there. He wondered if we'd be interested in appearing on a TV show. It was an American Bandstand-like music and dance show. The youth group that was supposed to be on the show couldn't get to the city because of the snow storm. We were happy to accommodate. The host of the show was none other than Merv Griffin. If I remember correctly, a week or so after we got home, we were able to see ourselves on TV!

I remember also that there was a girl in the group who I was interested in, and maybe it was mutual. Trouble was, this was a Methodist youth group, so there was little opportunity for romance. But at one point, the group was trudging up several flights of stairs and she began running up ahead, encouraging me to follow. I did briefly, but soon gave out, not because I was tired, but because I didn't get it. Only later did it occur to me that she was trying to make it possible for us to be alone. Duh.

From New York, we went on to Washington D.C., and there was 2 feet of snow there, too. Here are some of the guys on the steps of some place important: